LDA City Lahore Plots

LDA City Lahore Plots: LDA is launching commercial plots of various sizes at LDA City Lahore. You can invest to get a good return on investment. Commercial plots always pay off with a nice profit. So don’t waste time, be prepared to buy it. This is a golden opportunity to invest.
LDA City Lahore commercials are one of the most anticipated investment opportunities. Voting date announced for LDA City Lahore commercial plots. Check the survey results. The vote will take place on 1 October 2021.

LDA City Lahore Jinnah sector


The Lahore Development Authority offers a unique opportunity to invest in well-located O (Jinnah Sector) commercial plots.
A golden opportunity for investors and developers to invest in the business sector with great prices and incentives.
Very well planned and developed according to international standards
Transfers only by transparent voting. The results of the vote will be updated shortly.
Availability of plots of different sizes, such as 5,7,10,15 Marla and 1,2 and 6 channels
W Extensive network of wide carpeted roads
The main boulevard roads are 300, 200, and 150 feet wide
Direct access from Fer Ferozepur Road, Ring Road, and Defense Road
Development is fast
Easily available in simple parts
Applications were requested, but registration has now been suspended.

lda city lahore commercial plots

How To Check Balloting Results For LDA City Lahore Commercial Plots?

It’s very easy. You must follow the simple procedure below. Follow this page. All information and voting results will be updated here.

First, you can go to the link to check the voting results.
Second, you can share our CNIC and invoice form number on our WhatsApp number. We will check the results of your vote and update you as soon as possible.
Thirdly, if you succeed in voting, you will have to pay a down payment

What size and category of commercial plots will be available at LDA City Lahore?

5-Marla commercial plot of land
7-Marla commercial plot
10-Marla commercial plot
15-Marla commercial plot
Top 20 Marla commercial plot (not available)

When LDA City Lahore commercial plots of Down-Payment , payment will not be accepted.

The applicant must pay 20% of the total value of the land plot within 30 days after the announcement of the first voting result. If no payment is submitted, the grant will be automatically canceled/canceled

What is the last date for submitting the first payment for LDA City Lahore commercial land?

The deadline for Dr. Down to file non-payment is October 30, 2021.

How to download LDA City Lahore commercial plot Down-Payment Challan Form?

You can download the invoice form for the first payment for a commercial plot of land on the official website of the LDA.

Where to deposit LDA City Lahore commercial land for Down-Payment Fee?

You can download the application form from the LDA website and deposit the fee into Allied Bank. Visit your nearest allied bank after printing this type of invoice form.

LDA City Lahore Commercial Plots File

lda city lahore plots

Development Charges


LDA Phase I has a total of 11,397 plots of land located in a large area of 5,871 canals. Next, there are 85 plots with 2 channels, 2288 plots with 1 channel, 4231 plots with 10 gauzes, and 4783 plots with 5 gauze.

Development status

According to the guidelines of LDA Vice-President SM Imran and Director General-LDA General Director Ahmed Aziz Tarar, the development of the LDA city housing scheme is in full swing.

Development status of LDA City Lahore

LDA City Lahore development work update
A fair industry Everyone is looking for a great location, plot, house, or investment opportunity. The Lahore Development Authority offers you a prominent location in the LDA city’s justice sector. First, they launched a successful Jinnah sector. However, they are now in a much better position than the Jinnah sector.

Where is the Iqbal Sector Located?

Iqbal Sector is prominently located along with the Jinnah Sector and Lahore Bypass. Because the Lahore Bypass is the most modern and important road in Lahore. First, three-node negotiations with the Iqbal sector. These three junctions connect the Iqbal sector with the city of Lahore, driving without a signal from all sides. Secondly, the Iqbal sector also has direct access to the main Ferozepur road. To this end, they have already built a 180-foot-wide access road. It’s not just accessed. There is also a direct entrance to the Iqbal sector or access from the main Ferozepur Road to Kahna nine stops.

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